Why Farmers Markets?

The first week of August is National Farmers Market Week, which is really unfortunate timing since it comes right after the Maryland Buy Local campaign. Sure, farmers markets and the vendors in them are all part of the local economy, but there are some things that are unique about farmers markets that other local businesses can't offer. We've been sharing some of that via our Facebook and Instagram pages, but for those of you don't Like/Follow us there, we're sharing them here, too.

So, why farmers markets?

  1. They support healthy communities.

  2. They stimulate local economies.

  3. They preserve farmland & rural livelihoods.

  4. They increase access to fresh food.

  5. Lately, they provide a welcome alternative to the ever-changing requirements dropped on us by COVID-19.

Whatever reason you choose to shop at farmers markets -- and thanks for that, by the way! -- come by and see us tomorrow (8/7/2021, 9AM-2PM) so you can wear your love of farmers markets boldly and proudly...or subtly and with your drink of choice. We'll bring the water and temporary tattoos.

However you decide to wear it, these folks will be waiting for you: