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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the La Plata Farmers Market?

The La Plata Farmers Market seasons runs from the first Saturday of April through the Saturday immediately following Thanksgiving, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The 2020 Season was planned to run April 4 - November 28. Due to community health and safety concerns stemming from the spread of COVID-19, opening day was postponed. We will open on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, for pre-ordered curbside service only, and for limited food truck service, also served curbside. 

When open, the market is located behind the Charles County Courthouse in the parking lot on the north side of Talbot St. on Wednesdays and in the parking lot on the south side of Talbot St. on Saturdays.

What is sold at the Market?

The Farmers Market vendors sells a wide variety of goods, from fresh fruits, vegetables, and home-baked goods, to jams, jellies, pickled vegetables, local spirits, and home-made crafts and bath and body products. The market also features food trucks with a variety of ready-to-eat food, drinks, and snacks.

Are pets allowed at the Market?

No. In accordance with Chapter 98 of the Code of the Town of La Plata, no live animals or pets are allowed in the Market. Service animals are welcome; however, owners of service animals are liable for damages caused by their service animal. If a service animal poses a hazard to market vendors, their products, or anyone else at the Market, the owner will be asked to remove such animals from the Market.

How can I learn more about the Market?

If you're looking for more information about the La Plata Farmers Market, contact Kelly Phipps, the Market Manager, at or Jeanine Harrington at You can also visit our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

What methods of payment do your vendors accept?

All vendors accept cash. Most vendors accept credit/debit cards. Some vendors accept other methods, such as Apple Pay or Venmo. Check with the vendor.

How can I become a vendor at the Market?

Great question! We have a separate page just for that.

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