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Everything Old is New Again

Remember back in the day when we used to set up like this? Yeah, we're trying it again. Come see us Wednesday, April 17, 9AM-2PM, for a little nostalgia for the good ol' days before the dark times.

Small Great Things


Jack Morris Produce

Cottage Kitchen Sweets by Sue

Timber Hill Farm

Galazio Restaurant

Aggie and Joe’s

Lempira Coffee Roasters 

MadByrd Confections 

Ohana Snow Shaved Ice

Big Boy Tacos

SNAP/EBT shoppers: Don't forget to stop by the Charles County Food Connection tent -- the Food Access Coordinator will be there to double your dollars!

Everybody else: Don't forget to bring your reusable bags!

Actually, you know, thinking about it, now is better. We used to hang out until 5PM back in them good ol' days. Hahahahaha good times.

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