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You're Good. We're Just Not There Yet.

We hear you. We're excited for the new season, too. And we know you want to get your application in as soon as possible but you can't find the application and you've looked everywhere you can think of and you're just not seeing it.

Relax. It's not you. This year's application just hasn't been released yet.

So take a breath and peruse this year's rules -- they're posted at the bottom of this page:

Please pay special attention to the guidelines for the product(s) you're looking to bring to market.

If you're a food truck vendor, do you know where your current permit is? How about you, craft beer/wine/spirit vendor?

And if you're a cottage food producer, you'll have some extra steps, like finding a good container source and applying for your business identification number and setting up your labels and figuring out where to get them printed (if you don't have a printer at home).

Ooh, and a question for pretty much every vendor: what's your bag situation? Are you giving one? What kind? (Pleasepleaseplease let it be recyclable!)

See? You have plenty to think about before the application comes out.

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