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With a Little Help from Our Friends

Dear Market Community,

Your safety has been at the forefront of all our decisions since the first inkling of the effect COVID-19 would have on our operations. The privilege of being open for business is not something we take for granted. Although our Market is thriving, it is only because we are all doing what we must to stay open. By now, we all know it’s as simple as wearing face masks and maintaining social distance.

Unfortunately, one of our vendors was unable to maintain compliance with these measures. That vendor will not be at market for the rest of the season.

We would like to thank those community members who reported this to us – by doing so, they helped us stay in compliance and in business. More importantly, though, we are inspired at the vigilance our community continues to display after so many months of living with COVID-19. We all get tired. Thanks for stepping up when we needed you.

Best regards,

Kelly Phipps

Market Manager

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