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What's New with You?

Our market season officially ends on the Saturday immediately after Thanksgiving. The canopies and tables get stored, the final accounting gets done, and the m

Once the market season ends, the market vendors start thinking about what did well this season, and what they might try next season. With that in mind, we asked the women of the market what new things they were looking forward to trying in 2020. Here's what we found out:

  • Alise Jorgensen, Alise's Sweet Treats: Alise's Sweet Treats is thinking about doing a theme once a month and baking items associated with that. Think Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel movies!

  • Rita Penn, Calvert Crabs and Seafood: Something I'd like to try is to add healthier options on our mobile unit like Grilled Salmon Wraps and Salads with Grilled Shrimp.  We have made attempts at adding these before but there just hasn't been enough public interest to keep them on the menu.  I'm hoping that 2020 is the year!

  • Becky Seward, Red Tree Farmstead: We are planning to have flowers and products available for all the times in our lives that require celebration! We will have boutonnieres for homecoming, plants for Father's Day, centerpieces for Thanksgiving - the arrangements for when you need to celebrate. Taking the seasonal element of our flowers to the next level and anticipating when our community needs them.

What new thing are you trying this year? Are you planting a garden? Learning a new skill? Taking an adventure? We want to know!

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