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What Day Is It?

"What day is it?" was a question we asked a lot in the dark times of COVID-19, but now that the metaphorical sun's out, it's...well, it's a less common question. But with all the "National Day of..." and "World Day of..." reminders popping up all the time, we got a little tired of being caught off guard, like July 6 being National Fried Chicken Day, for example.

So we made a calendar of notable dates, and it's totally arbitrary. There are a bunch of food-related dates, but also the Triple Crown race dates (because Kentucky Derby) and then King Kamehameha Day (because we like Hawaiian shirts and shaved ice). Obviously the Buy Local Challenge is on there, as well as next month's National Farmers Market Week. You can save individual dates to your own Google calendar if you want, or import the entire calendar here so you can set all your own reminders.

OBTW, July 10 is

  • National Clerihew Day

  • National Kitten Day

  • National Pina Colada Day

  • Collector Car Appreciation Day

If you dig haiku, you may want to check into clerihew. Other than that, July 10 is a regular market day so you can check in with all these folks (9AM-2PM):

And as always, the Charles County Food Connection will be on hand with #marylandmarketmoney and info on the ways those who need it can get more access to healthy local food.

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