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Wednesday Is Just Peachy

This past Saturday, someone went home sad because our vendors were completely sold out of peaches. Well, Someone, the universe heard you and sent the Hanover Peach Orchard in our direction! They'll be bringing us peaches while the peach season is on, so don't miss your chance to stock up for baking, canning, and/or freezing.

The Hanover Peach Orchard will be joining our Wednesday regulars, 9AM-2PM, out behind the Charles County Courthouse building:

SNAP/EBT shoppers: take your card to the Charles County Food Connection tent to double your grocery dollars with Maryland Market Money!

And if you've read this far down, be one of the first seven people to go to the Market Information booth and tell Chenoa that you're accepting the Buy Local Challenge! What's in it for you? How about a Buy Local Challenge bag?

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