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We See You There, Fall

Lows in the 50s, school back in session, fair season in full swing...we can't be the only ones excited about fall hinting around! We predict you'll be seeing more autumn-like flavors on the tables, like cinnamon, pumpkin, caramel, butterscotch, and apple cider.

Come find out on Saturday, Sep. 2, 9AM - 2PM. If you're not there for the flavors, you may be there for the colors and scents.

Ooh, and great news for our WIC/FMNP shoppers: coupon shopping is back and better than ever! We now have THREE vendors accepting those coupons:

Check the map for gold stars -- that's where you can use your coupons. You can also stop by the Charles County Food Connection tent for more info. SNAP/EBT shoppers, you'll want to stop there, too, to get your bonus Maryland Market Money.

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