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We're Hooking Up Our (Market) Friends

We've been teasing about giving away those nifty Buy Local Challenge insulated bags that we got from our friends at the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission. Our first bunch of swag is going out to those folks who were the first to become members on our brand-new webpage!

Here's the fine print: if you're one of those people, you'll have to come in person to the Market to claim your prize, either this weekend (07/18/2020) or this coming Wednesday (07/22/2020). Otherwise, your prize will be going home with someone else next Saturday (07/25/2020)!

How do you know if you're one of those people? Log in at our website -- or get the mobile app and log in there -- and look for a "Market Friend" badge. Or just check the list below and see if you're there. (You'll have to fill in some blanks when you claim your prize.)

If you aren't in this group of winners, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for your next chance to win!

"Market Friend" badgeholders:

  • TLC Nikki G.

  • Roberto P.

  • Pauline S.



  • Lisa A.

  • Kayla B.

  • Joan B.

  • Jacqueline Y.

  • Cathy J.

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