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We Need You!

Dear Market Friends,

We’re really happy to be open, even in our limited capacity, and many of you have said the same. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding as we find our way through this. For us to stay open and eventually expand to regular Market conditions, though, we need your help to show that we can operate safely and responsibly.

Although we are an outdoor activity and necessarily safer than an indoor activity, we are subject to all the same Executive Orders, directives, and regulations that affect retail businesses, grocery stores, and community events…because our Market is all those things. If we are to remain open, we’ll need you to:

· Wear a Face Mask or Face Cover. While in the Market, staff, vendors, and visitors are all required to wear a face mask or face cover. If you can’t or don’t want to wear a mask, please use the curbside ordering option. (Governor’s Executive Order #20-0-15-01)

· Keep It Curbside. If it’s too hot in your car, please stay by your car. Your vendor will come to you.

· Mind Your Social Distancing. If you’re ordering from a food truck, watch your distance while you’re waiting in line, place your order, and then move back to your car. (Maryland Department of Health, Interpretive Guidance COVID-19-01, “Food Trucks”)

· Take Your Food to Go. On-site dining isn’t an option inside the market area, which is marked with cones and signs. Pro tip: the picnic tables in the shade of the giant magnolia trees are not inside the market area. (Interpretive Guidance COVID-19-01, “Food Courts” & “Food Trucks”)

· Prevent the Spread. If you or someone you spend a lot of time with is sick, please use the curbside delivery option, or else just don’t come to market. We don’t want to be known as the farmers market that started a new wave of infections in our area.

And since we’re already listing rules, just as a reminder, the following are always prohibited in the Market by La Plata Town Code:

· No pets or live animals

· No smoking

· No open alcohol containers

Just like you, we’d love for life to return to the pre-COVID days. Until then, though, we’re going to do what we have to in order to stay in business. Thanks in advance for helping us do that.

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