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This Season's Leadoff Hitter

Registration of returning seasonal vendors has begun, and first in the door is Rootbound Farms! Welcome back!

Look for Rootbound Farms on Saturdays starting in April, bringing:

  • Produce

  • Plants & flowers

  • Handicrafts

  • Soap

In the meantime, you'll find Rootbound Farms on Facebook, Instagram, and

You might be wondering: Wait, does this mean I can apply to be a vendor now?

The sad answer: Probably not. Right now, applications are only being accepted for vendors who completed the application process before COVID-19 quarantined know, in the Before Times. If you have never been a vendor at our Market in the past, you'll need to wait until next month to apply as a daily vendor. You can, however, read the Market Rules -- they're posted here -- and get an idea for how it works. You can also start asking questions to find out if your product can even be sold in a farmers market setting.

You can ask questions here via the "Let's Chat!" button at the bottom right, via Facebook, or email . Oh, and if you actually use your phone to call and talk with people, call 301-966-7473.

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