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These are the Days

Ohhhh, aren't those first few days after school lets out just DELICIOUS?

You know what else is delicious? Just about everything that comes to market on Wednesdays, 9AM - 2PM, in the overflow parking lot on Talbot St. And come to think of it, flowers, soap, and candles can smell delicious, so let's go ahead and drop that "just about" part.

Aggie and Joe’s

Charles County Public Library

Jacks Produce Farm

MadByrd Confections

Big Boy Tacos

Small Great Things

Ohana Snow Shaved Ice

Cottage Kitchen Sweets by Sue

Rootbound Farms

Galazio Restaurant

Red Cedar Farm

Getting Maryland Market Money to make your grocery dollars go further is pretty delicious, too. The Southern Maryland Food Connection will have that on special for our SNAP/EBT customers at the @LifeStyles of Maryland, Inc. tent -- don't forget to bring your card!

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