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Take a Minute

You're halfway through the week -- take a breather and stop by to visit! We'll be out behind the Charles County Courthouse complex Wednesday, Aug. 9, 9AM - 2PM.

FMNP/SFMNP shoppers: we're very close to getting that going again. Rootbound Farms, Jacks Produce Farm, and Timber Hill Produce all did the required training. Now it's just down to getting paperwork approved.

In the meantime, you can still pick up your mid-week goodies from these fine folk:

Ellipsis Farm Small Great Things Timber Hill Produce Blended Desserts- Gluten Free Wholesome Treats Charles County Public Library Cottage Kitchen Sweets by Sue Jacks Produce Farm aggieandjoesmobilekitchen Ohana Snow Shaved Ice Sweet Street Donuts Freshly Made 4U Early Birds Night Owl Foodtruck

SNAP/EBT Shoppers: We haven't forgotten about you! You can come get your Maryland Market Money at the Charles County Food Connection tent, as always.

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