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Step Right Up!

They tell us one thing and deliver something else entirely...spring weather forecasts, that is. Sometimes it feels like we could do just as well with a spinner or a dartboard, honestly.

So here we are back out there, taking our chances at the wheel, 5/8/2024, 9AM-2PM, in the overflow parking lot on the north side of Talbot St. Come see us, grab your snack, lunch, sweets, produce, bread, sweet treats, coffee, candles, books...yeah! All that and more! And if you're carrying a SNAP/EBT card, get your #MarylandMarketMoney at the Southern Maryland Food Connection  (LifeStyles of Maryland, Inc. ) tent, with $1=$3MMM!

  • Lempira Coffee Roasters 

  • MadByrd Confections 

  • Ohana Snow Shaved Ice 

  • Big Boy Tacos 

  • Charles County Public Library 

  • Rootbound Farms 

  • Jacks Produce Farm 

  • Galazio Restaurant 

  • Aggie and Joe’s 

  • Small Great Things 

  • Cottage Kitchen Sweets by Sue 

  • Timber Hill Farms

And if you're wondering: the odds of the weather being cloudy with a chance of meatballs are low but never zero.

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