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National Farmers Market Week

It's National Farmers Market Week! We know you already enjoy coming to see what's new every week, but this week we'll share some good hard data on how we all benefit from having farmers markets...and it's not all about dollars and cents.

So why shop farmers markets? Well, for one, it keeps the local economy healthy, and it creates jobs for your neighbors. The community supports the vendors and in turn, they support the community. Seems like a fair trade!

But how much do you really 💚 farmers markets? Enough to wear it for the world to see? Stop by and see us tomorrow (8/4/2021, 9AM-2PM) to get branded as one of our

tribe...temporarily. Or, you know, you can just put it on your favorite travel mug or water bottle or whatever. It's cool.

OBTW Hospice of The Chesapeake will be back in case you missed them on Saturday.

Got SNAP, FMNP, SFMNP?: Don't forget to stop by the Charles County Food Connection to get your free bonus #marylandmarketmoney!

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