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Market Rules -- So Awkward

Yes, we're going to make it awkward now so it's a little less awkward when you come to market.

COVID-19 has tested all of us in different ways, and we're all really sick of wearing masks everywhere...especially when we're outside in the fresh air.


Just like every other business that wants to stay open, we have to follow guidance from the CDC, the state, the county, and the Town. That means...

  • We wear the masks in accordance with CDC guidelines

  • We observe social distancing.

  • We don't come to market if we're sick.

  • We protect products and surfaces from contamination.

  • We don't eat or drink inside the Market...because that means the mask has to come off, and in the rock-paper-scissors game of COVID-19 hygiene, the mask ALWAYS wins.

If it makes it easier to remember, once you pass those 800 yellow signs and step into the Market, you need to wear your face covering. If you're going to eat or drink your Market goodies -- and there are so many -- all you need to do is step out past those yellow signs. Otherwise you can expect someone wearing a lanyard like the ones in the photo to ask you to please step out of the Market or else put your face covering back on.

So just a quick recap of the big rules:

  • Face coverings must be worn properly in the Market

  • Please observe social distancing (6 feet between you and anyone who's not with you)

  • No eating or drinking inside the Market

  • Do not touch products you haven't already purchased

  • No pets or live animals in the Market (service animals are welcome)

  • No smoking in the Market (yes, that includes vaping)

  • No open alcohol containers in the Market

*Market graphics provided by Graphic Language. Do not reproduce or distribute without permission.

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