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Today was one of those days that can restore your faith in humanity and make you fully appreciate what it means to be part of a supportive community.

First off, wow. Thanks for coming to see us today! We were blown away by the turnout...not literally, luckily, although that was a distinct possibility early in the day. It was fantastic seeing friends we've missed over the winter break and we were equally thrilled to see so many new faces.

The proof that our market community is amazing, though, came late in the market day when one of our vendors took a spill. Within seconds, at least three people dialed 911 and 6-8 others, including off-duty EMTs, rushed to the vendor's aid. Dan literally took the shirt off his back to give to another gentleman who was keeping the vendor's head from hitting the ground. A whole crew of folks that included Market staff, vendors, visitors, and our Mayor flagged down the approaching ambulance and directed it to the vendor. There was even applause from a crowd as the EMTs helped the vendor get on their feet safely.

So, yeah, people do surprising things...and sometimes they're way better than anything you'll see on TikTok.

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! We look forward to seeing you next time. 💙💛

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