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Just When You Get Comfortable...

This week, Governor Hogan announced an expanded order for wearing face coverings (and some other non-market things). The Facebook graphic that accompanied the announcement mentioned "busy farmers markets" specifically, so obviously we felt a little attacked, but not really. Our vendors were already wearing masks and sanitizing, and our visitors were wearing masks and social distancing. Together, we were ahead of the game, and that's something we can all be proud of.

Another positive thing coming out of this is that farmers markets are open and operating, and people like all of us are out there continuing to live their lives despite the COVID-19 environment. Hopefully we can keep our collective...ahem...acts together and not let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

So anyway, check out our layout for this weekend! We expect some folks to be a little twitchy about large congregations of people this weekend, what with the Governor's latest guidance, so we're expanding our footprint to give us all a little more space. Some of the stalls may look tight on the map, but rest assured that there's plenty of room for social distancing. Our vendors also continue to offer curbside delivery for those who prefer it -- just contact your vendor and let them know how to find you when you get to the Market.

West Side Stalls

East Side Food Court


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