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It's Like Homecoming, Every Week

Many people think, "Oh, I've been to the La Plata Farmers Market. It probably hasn't changed much." Many people are wrong.

This week, for example, we have regular vendors who weren't there last week, vendors who used to be at the Market but haven't been for a while, and a vendor who's never been to the Market before. With the seasons changing and the level of creativity among our vendors, it's not all the same stuff you saw last time, either.

With that in mind, stop by and see what these fine folk have to offer:

The Charles County Food Connection will be on hand in the LifeStyles of Maryland, Inc. tent to swipe your SNAP/EBT card and help you use your FMNP coupons. Don't miss out on getting your free bonus Maryland Market Money!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow (06/26/2021), 9AM-2PM.

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