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It's Electrifying!

Do you ever walk into one of your regular stores and find out they've re-arranged? Annoying, right? So...apologies way in advance of Saturday's market (5/14/2022).

We have a whole bunch of folks visiting this weekend, so parking will be a little wonky, especially in the overflow parking lot north of Talbot. We're having the Electric Vehicle Meetup @LPFM 9AM - 12PM in the parking area along Talbot and the La Plata Garden Club's plant sale in the parking area right at the entrance (see the map below).

Not to worry -- there's plenty of parking all around the Market. If you could, please leave the parking closest to the Market open for those with mobility challenges.

This is probably a good time to mention that the parking spaces along the Charles County Courthouse building are reserved 24/7 of officers of the court, so if you could leave those spots free for our servants of the justice system, that'd be great.

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