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It's an (Almost) Full House!

Now, before you start thinking that we're just jamming in as many vendors as we can, and that we're throwing social distancing and other COVID-19-related precautions to the wind, please know that WE ARE NOT.

The map may look crowded, but in real life, there's plenty of room between the stalls and for visitors to spread out. And if folks start huddling up a little too close, yes, the Market Manager will be there to flag the play. Please don't take it personally -- these are the things we do so we can stay in business.

Hmm...flag on the play...the ideas churn.

Anyway, check out all the good stuff coming your way at the Market!

Jillian's Fare (you thought you weren't going to get your lemonade, BUT YOU ARE)

Grandpap's Country Harvest

PLANT FARM Rentals, INC (New to the Market!)

U.S. Census Bureau (Come and be counted!)

Old Glory Flags and Woodcrafts (First time back at the Market this season!)

Calvert Crabs & Seafood (Too cliché to say they've got crabs? Probably)

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