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It's Always Something...New

We've had some folks ask about the pre-order/curbside pickup option -- because, yes, that is still an option, check the map -- and it's a little hard to explain but it isn't any different than if you, say, called your favorite restaurant and ordered takeout. It just requires a little more coordination and communication to get your order delivered curbside. The hardest part is knowing what products will be at the Market, because that changes from week to week.

For example...

...something that wasn't ready for harvest last week is now ready for harvest, and will only be in season for a short while, or...

...a vendor that wasn't at the Market last week *is* at the Market this week, or...

...a vendor that brought this thing before is now also bringing that thing.

See? Really hard to keep up with the inventory. So how do you know what a vendor has? You have to check with them, via social media or webpage. Or if you know someone who's going to market, ask them to FaceTime or videochat you while they're there. You *can* go to the Market virtually!

Just a word of warning: you want to contact your vendor BEFORE market day. They're usually busy ON market day, and they may miss your order. That makes everyone sad. If you join our website as a member, you'll be able to see who's coming to market weeks in advance. Just sayin'.

Ready to check vendor inventory? Here's who's scheduled to be at the Market tomorrow:

And, yes, we're open rain or shine, 9 am - 2 pm...unless it's, you know, a tornado/tropical storm/hurricane-type situation, in which case we're definitely going home.

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