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It's All About Dads

It's Father's Day weekend and current trends say ties are out. We've got some vendors coming in who can help you find one-of-a-kind gifts for your one-of-a-kind dad or other father-type figure:

Dad's Gifted Woodworks (wooden pens handmade by a dad)

Don't forget the Father's Day partnership Sweet Street Donuts has going with Charles County Commission for Women, and when you come for your donuts, round out your weekend with these folks:

Also don't forget your reusable bags! And if you have a SNAP/EBT card, be sure to stop by the Charles County Food Connection tent and swipe your card with LifeStyles of Maryland, Inc. to get your free Maryland Market Money (up to $10).

Let the dad jokes begin! They are definitely allowed this weekend...but you're also still allowed to groan if that's what they deserve.

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