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It's a Start

We opened for the first time this past Wednesday, and although it was pretty quiet, it was a good chance for us to work out some things, like how to put up banners (we need better poles) and how to put yard signs in rock-hard ground (IKEA hammers are inadequate). Every day's a learning opportunity!

Saturday will still be limited to curbside delivery of pre-ordered products only, but we'll also have Ohana Snow Shaved Ice and Smoker's Delight BBQ coming in. Don't forget that Smoker's Delight caters, too, so if you want to pick up enough food for dinner and/or guests, you might want to order ahead!

Contact this week's participating vendors directly to place your orders and set up your pickup times:

Look for BBQ & shaved ice on this side of Talbot St.

Look for other vendors on this side

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