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Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

In accordance with established US marketing guidelines, we're encouraging you to hop on over to our Market this Easter weekend (4/16/2022, 9AM-2PM). 🐰

If you're more into the stepping than the hopping, though, check this out: walking just once down each aisle will get you .21 miles of steps, plus whatever steps you take from your parking space. Double your steps by walking up one side and down the other. Quadruple your steps by taking one walk-through lap, then take another to make your purchases. Going to the Farmers Market is good for your health!

You'll meet up with all these fine folk along your path -- new vendors, freshly-hatched for the season are marked with 🐣:

  • Ohana Snow Shaved Ice

  • Freshly Made 4U

  • Mike's Chicken and Ribs

  • Creative Cookies by Dale

  • Ugly Duckling Farmstead

  • BlueDyer Distilling Co.

  • BeYOUtifully Favored, LLC

  • C.H. Bowling Produce - divison of Fox Run Farm

  • Redwood Panda

  • K&T Kettle Corn and produce

  • Wee bean Coffee Roasters

  • Rootbound Farms

  • Red Tree Farmstead

  • Three Sisters Industry

  • 🐣 Bridgett Vines

  • Mully's Brewery

  • PLANT FARM Rentals, INC

  • 🐣 Hancock Family Farms

  • PGC Microgreens

  • Cove Point Winery

  • Bowling Greenhouse at Jameson Farm

  • Custom Designs by Annette

  • Yummy Confections

  • Zekiah Ridge Farm & Flowers

  • Jack Morris Produce

  • Sweet Street Donuts

  • Jillian's Fare

  • Morgan Salee’s Cheese-Cakery

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