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Holy Hole in a Donut!

(...and that's not even the weirdest "holy" thing Robin ever said to Batman.)

It's the weekend, and Sep. 18 isn't only Batman Day, but also National Cheeseburger Day. And because Makers Market, County Fair weekend, Batman Day, and National Cheeseburger Day aren't a wild enough combination...we brought in new stuff and moved some stuff.

Come see us out behind the Charles County Courthouse, 9AM - 2PM. And when you're caught up with us, catch the shuttle bus to the County Fair. Holy easy as pie!

Custom Designs by Annette

Tyler Dennis Cupcakes

Kirk McKesson Woodwork

SNAP/EBT/FMNP Customers: see the Charles County Food Connection to get your bonus Maryland Market Money

Oh, and BTW parking may be exciting, what with the Fair shuttle bus running out of the Charles County Government building parking lot starting at noon.

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