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Gotta Love a Good Metaphor

Whether you're a farmer or a gardener, a parent or a teacher, or a business analyst or economist, you have to appreciate plant-related metaphors. Plant the wrong kind of seeds in the wrong place, or neglect to give them the things they need to grow and flourish, and...bam. No growth, no harvest. You're going to have to start all over again.

It's probably not hard to see how we get from plant growth to business growth. Luckily, just like experienced farmers have tons of knowledge to share with new farmers on how to help this particular crop grow, agencies like the Small Business Administration have tons of insight to share with new business owners on ways to enhance your business's health and growth. You don't even have to go far -- the Small Business Development Center at the La Plata campus of the College of Southern Maryland is here to help you. You can even stay on your couch and do training, no travel necessary!

Anyway, if you're of a mind to witness a new business metaphorically start growing from the ground up, and some others that are a little further along in the business life cycle, come by on Wednesday! We're always happy for the company, and we love seeing new things grow, too.

Coming in on Wednesday (8/26):

Grandpap's Country Harvest

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