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Cats, Dogs, and All Their Friends

You know we don't do this lightly and we waited as long as we possibly could to let the weather try and sort itself out but...nope.

For your safety and our vendors' safety (stay off the roads unless you absolutely gotta get out there!), we're closing the market for Saturday, Sep. 23. And with so many other events closing not just for Saturday but for the entire weekend -- including Ren Fest, how often does that happen?? -- we have the feeling that many people will be staying home to take advantage of the low temperatures coming our way.

Many of our vendors will be featuring specials on online sales, so if you want to support despite the deluge, check their socials. Just think of all those poor flowers and baked goods that won't get homes tomorrow!

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday, 9/30, for La Plata Farmers Market - Junior Edition!

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