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Accept the Challenge!

The Maryland Buy Local Challenge doesn't officially start until July 17, but we want to help you warm up for the season with a mini challenge...and if you get in quick, you can get some swag to use when the Challenge gets underway!

Just stop by the Market Information tent and answer this question: "Why buy local?"

See, it's like an open-book test and you already know the one question on it. You can visit the Maryland Buy Local Challenge page for answer ideas, or you can get take some inspiration from Shannon Wang of Shop 53 Custom Tattoo and Art Gallery:

  • "To stimulate the local economy;

  • to help small businesses;

  • it makes me happy;

  • I don't want to go to a big box store;

  • to help the little fish."

Or take it from Craig Hower, small business owner and local resident: "I know it's the freshest it can be, and it's made by people who care -- my neighbors."

Here's a bonus cool bit: did you know that the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission has an Instagram photo contest running from July 1 - July 28? All you need to do is go read the contest rules and submission instructions. Need inspiration for what kinds of photos they're looking for? They took the guesswork out of it for you and made a checklist, scavenger hunt-style! Get the whole family in on this, make it a game if you want, and support local agriculture and small businesses. Everyone's a winner, and you increase your chances of winning one of SMADC's prizes!

Looking for that checklist? Download it here or save this image to your phone for easy reference:

By the way, did you notice that with photos like the ones above, you could check off 2 out of 5 scavenger hunt items? Yes, it's that easy. All you have to do is...

  1. Go to local farmers market, grocery store, winery, brewery, or any other venue that offers Maryland grown farm products

  2. Use list to take photos

  3. Submit photos to by July 25th

  4. Post photos on Instagram and tag with #BuyLocalChallenge for additional chances to win

Want to boost your chances to win a prize? Go ahead and take the online pledge. (Look for the orange "TAKE THE PLEDGE" button in the top right.) All you're promising to do is something you were probably already going to do anyway.

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