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A Car Show, Because Obviously

Sometime last season, Lonnie at Carol's Citchen started talking about having a car show in the June-ish time frame. Well...why not? So over the winter break we looked at some dates and the weekend of Juneteenth looked pretty good. We asked our landlords if they were good with it, and they were, so...there you go! We're doing this thing!

In the interest of inclusivity -- and because we only only have the vaguest idea of how car shows happen -- we thought we'd just open the show up to all car classes. It's okay to love Mini Coopers AND Model Ts AND customized Jeeps, right? And maybe even tractors? It's a farmers market, after all.

So if you have some wheels you'd like to show off, why not bring it to the Farmers Market? There's no fee, but there's the regular amount of paperwork. The details and form are all here.

Want to invite friends and family? There's a Facebook event here, you can scan the QR code below, or you can download a flyer. (Do people have bulletin boards anymore?)

2022 Car Show Flyer
Download PDF • 275KB

Got questions? Contact Lonnie at or stop by Carol's Citchen the next time you're at the Market.

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