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Did You Know?

It looks like we've been neglecting our Saturday markets here, but people keep finding us, so...sorry! And also, thanks for keeping the faith!

Meanwhile, here's what Wednesday (9/15, 9AM-2PM) looks like. Basically, a lot like last week, but with a couple of "did you know?" moments for you.

1) Did you know that Sep. 15 is Mexico's actual Independence Day, not Cinco de Mayo? Go ahead and google "Grito de Dolores."

We were just as surprised as you were the first time you heard that a national month started in the middle of a month, but now that we know the first one, the second one makes a lot more sense.

**Sorry it's not marked on the map this week, but you can use your FMNP & SFMNP coupons at C.H. Bowling Produce, and then go back to get your Maryland Market Money.

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