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Bulletin Board

We know how hard it is for non-profits, charities, and government agencies to get the word out. We're happy to share flyers for upcoming events so long as they adhere to our market rules (see the bottom of this page).

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Want to Post a Flyer?

Our Market regularly hosts non-profit groups and community organizations, so we're happy to share their information and flyers here as well. Such groups and organizations are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Must be part of a governmental agency, educational institution, or extension service, or a registered 501(c)3 entity.

  2. May not promote any specific political, religious, or otherwise partisan agenda

  3. May distribute literature and/or token promotional items for the registered organization only.

  4. May receive, but not solicit donations. Donations may also be accepted to cover the cost of activity supplies and materials.

  5. May not sell any product, nor conduct fundraising activities.

  6. May conduct activities with the sponsorship of a business or other commercial entity approved by the Market Committee.

If your organization would like to have a flyer featured on our bulletin board, please email it to . The Market reserves the right to post only information, events, or activities that do not conflict with the Market mission or operations.

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